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For Cross country racer cyclists who want the lightest more ventilated helmet. Our Fast & Light helmets are designed to achieve the best in terms of long lasting fit, comfort, ventilation and climate control.
Crossmax SL Pro 헬멧

Special Price \150,000

스피드와 스타일을 결합한 크로스-컨트리 헬멧

Crossride SL Elite 헬멧

Special Price \120,000

편안한 크로스 컨트리 라이딩을 위해 설계된 경량의 헬멧


A mountain bike is an amazing exploration tool. Mavic has designed products to enjoy all trails. They offer the right mix of ventilation, reliability and style and can be relied on in any conditions.
XA Pro 헬멧

최상의 통기성과 최대한의 편안함 및 보호력을 제공하는 트레일 라이딩용 헬멧

Crossride 헬멧

Special Price \120,000

트레일 라이딩을 위해 특별히 고안된 견고한 헬멧


Explore the mountains, push your limits with full trust in your equipment: that's the motto of the All-mountain family. Those tough and dynamic products are made to last and to offer an optimal comfort and protection.
Crossmax Pro 헬멧

Special Price \220,000

안심하고 안전하게 탈 수 있는 산악자전거용 헬맷