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15MTB footwear


Whether racing or climbing on flowing singletracks, the Cross-country family will help you to be quick and save energy. Those fast and light products are all about responsiveness and efficiency thanks to the most advanced Mavic technologies. The perfect combo for fun and performance on trails.
Crossmax SL Ultimate Shoe

Special Price $399.95

A dedicated cross-country race shoe, developed with pro riders to offer maximum power transfer at minimum weight

Crossmax Pro Shoe

Special Price $249.95

A top performance cross-country racing shoe

Crossmax SL Pro Thermo Shoe

Special Price $224.95

The perfect shoe to keep your feet warm and dry on the coldest trails

Crossmax Elite Shoe

Special Price $159.95

A cross-country racing shoe that combines comfort with power

Crossmax Shoe

Special Price $99.95

A cross-country racing shoe offering great fit and value

Sequence XC Elite W Shoe

Special Price $159.95

A cross-country shoe that delivers performance with style


A mountain bike is an amazing exploration tool. Mavic has designed products that are agile and versatile to enjoy all trails. They offer the right mix of comfort, performance and reliability and can be relied on in any conditions.
XA Elite Shoe

Special Price $119.95

An adventure shoe that combines improved comfort with grip and durability

Crossride Shoe

Special Price $99.95

An all-mountain shoe designed for comfort and style on and off the bike

Echappée Trail Elite W Shoe

Special Price $119.95

A women's trail shoe that offers reliable comfort and versatility


Explore the mountains, push your limits with full trust in your equipment: that's the motto of the All-mountain family. Those tough and dynamic products are made to last.
Deemax Pro Shoe

Special Price $199.95

An endurance racing shoe, designed to ride hard with control and protection

Deemax Elite Shoe

Special Price $149.95

A mountain shoe that offers extra protection and pedal connection to keep your ride on track

Crossmax XL Pro Shoe

Special Price $179.95

The Enduro racing specific shoe, developed with Mavic pro rider Fabien Barel


Keep your footwear in perfect condition and ready for action with these small parts and accessories.
Quick Lace

Special Price $14.95