GripLink: superior grip where it matters

Integrated fast water evacuation channel
Increased road holding: supple 127 TPI casing

Super light with comfortable volume

23mm option weighs just 190 grams
23mm, 25mm and 28mm options available

Super-strong puncture and cut resistance for increased safety

Kevlar breaker
Strong polyamide casing (127 TPI)

The new Yksion Pro GripLink makes the difference in cornering. Optimized for front wheel use, thanks to a sticky compound, water evacuation tread pattern and super strong Kevlar flat protection, it will keep you safe on any road and in any weather conditions. Available in 23 and 25 mm (SSC or white labels) and 28 mm (white labels).


  • Superior: Kevlar


  • 127 TPI

Pressure Max

  • 23mm 8.7 bars - 125 psi / 25&28mm 7.7 bars - 110 PSI

Tread Compound

  • Single Compound GripLink


  • Black with white labels, 28-622 (700x28)
  • Black with SSC labels, 25-622 (700x25)
  • Black with white labels, 25-622 (700x25)
  • Black with white labels, 23-622 (700x23)
  • Black with SSC labels, 23-622 (700x23)


Grip and control
A front tyre, whether a clincher or a tubular, must fully liberate the wheel’s ability to hold the ground and control the bike. Therefore, GripLink tyres are optimized for front use, by offering a superior grip and extra puncture protection.

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