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Mavic road Booties with Clima Ride technology offer complete protection against the rain, wind and cold.
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8Road booties

Road and Triathlon
Cosmic Ultimate Shoe Cover

Special Price 50,00 €

The fastest and most durable aero shoe cover from Mavic

Road and Triathlon
Cosmic Elite Shoe Cover

Special Price 30,00 €

The Cosmic Elite shoe cover keeps some of the chill off and new shoes from getting dirty

Road and Triathlon
Cosmic H2O Shoe Cover

Special Price 45,00 €

Totally waterproof road shoe cover

Road and Triathlon
Vision Shoe Cover

Special Price 45,00 €

A warm and fitted shoe cover from our new vision range

Road and Triathlon
Knit Shoe Cover

Special Price 15,00 €

Light thermal protection and protection from road dirt

Road and Triathlon
Ksyrium Pro Thermo+ Shoe Cover

Special Price 80,00 €

The warmest road shoe cover for all extreme weather conditions with an innovative easy on and off closure system

Road and Triathlon
Ksyrium Thermo Shoe Cover

Special Price 45,00 €

Warm, fitted road shoe cover with easy on/off

Road and Triathlon
Toe Warmer

Special Price 25,00 €

Added warmth for toes on cooler days