Accelerate faster and hammer through rough terrain

Wider 28mm (internal) rim with ISM machining delivers greater control on extreme DH terrain
Lightweight components, including the ITS-4 freehub and ultralight bladed spokes

More responsive with a smoother ride

ISM machining on the rims results in lower inertia for a smoother, lighter feel and quick acceleration
Ultra-light, bladed and double butted spokes are strong and stiff
ITS-4 freehub provides instant acceleration out of the corners

The same competitive edge as top pro DH riders

Engineered and developed to meet the standards of World Cup downhill racers
More World Cup DH wins than any other wheel in the world

This is a wheel that’s been used by the greatest champions in the history of downhill racing. Since its debut in the mid-1990s through today, it has constantly evolved—and this is the latest edition.
Developed with input from pro racers - including Troy Brosnan who rode it to a 2017 World Cup win in Andorr - it’s one of the lightest downhill wheelsets ever produced, and it’s built with the strength and durability to handle big hits and extreme race conditions. Recognizable with its trademark yellow graphics, the alloy rim is now wider with a 28mm internal width and constructed using our patented ISM weight reduction technology. This means the weight of the rim is reduced for better acceleration and handling with zero compromises to rim strength.
The 28 straight-pull steel spokes are double-butted and bladed for the perfect amount of vertical compliance and strength to handle the abuses of DH racing. The ITS-4 freehub, with 4 pawls and only 7.5° between engaged positions, helps you accelerate out of corners faster.
Deemax is compatible with multiple axle standards and comes delivered with a 20mm front thru-axle. The DH-specific rear hub has 157mm spacing and can be easily convert to 150mm with optional adaptors. The Deemax DH is available in 27.5" and ships with UST tubeless valves and accessories.


  • Freewheel: Shimano/Sram or XD
  • Rear axle : 12x157mm, convertible to 12x150 with optional adapters
  • Front axle: 20mm, convertible to 15mm thru axle with optional adapters


  • Pair 650b/27,5" without tyre: 2010 grams
  • Front 650b/27,5" without tyre: 850 grams
  • Rear 650b/27,5" without tyre: 1160 grams


  • Freewheel: ITS-4 QRM Auto alloy
  • Front bearings : adjustable sealed cartridge bearings (QRM+), Rear bearings : auto adjust sealed cartridge bearings (QRM Auto)
  • Front and rear bodies: aluminum
  • Axle material: aluminum

Intended Use

  • Recommended tyre sizes: 50mm to 76mm (2.0" to 3.0")


  • Internal width: 28 mm
  • ETRTO size 27.5": 584x28TSS
  • Hookless profile
  • Weight reduction: ISM 4D
  • Valve hole diameter: 6.5 mm
  • Tyre: UST Tubeless and tubetype
  • Drilling: Fore
  • Joint: SUP
  • Material: Maxtal


  • Shape: straight pull, flat rear and flat, double butted front
  • Count: 28 front and rear
  • Material: steel
  • Nipples: Fore integrated aluminum
  • Lacing: front and rear crossed 3


  • Disc standard : 6 Bolts only
  • Color: Black only
Delivered with
  • Multifonction adjustment wrench
  • UST valve and accessories
  • User guide


Stronger and smoother joint
Soudé Usiné Process. After bending, the rim joint is arc welded. The welded seam is then milled for a smooth finish.



Instant energy transmission
Instant Transfer System 4: Using 4 pawls working 2 by 2, the system provides a more dynamic ride, thanks to a very fast engagement. Its versatility makes it compatible with all kinds of frame retention system.



Stiffer and stronger
Instead of being drilled, the lower rim bridge is pushed up on the inside, then threaded to enable the spoke nipples to be directly screwed in it, leaving the upper rim bridge intact.



Inter Spoke Milling 4 Dimensions
An exclusive Mavic patented concept, ISM 4D significantly reduces weight and inertia without compromising durability. Quicker accelerations, better handling and more resistance ; the right mix to make the most of any ride. The smooth profile also helps reducing aerodynamic drag



Qualité de Roulements Mavic +
Our most demanding level. Those cartridge bearings are of course double sealed with C3 internal clearance, and toped with a micro-adjustability system.



Light and strong
Exclusive to Mavic, this specific aluminum alloy offers a higher strength to weight ratio than conventional 6106 alloy.



Spoke Retention System
The hub shell slots special machining makes sure that the spoke head is imprisoned and will not pop out of the hub. The spoke still can travel in the slot, in order to let the wheel absorb some of the terrain obstacles.

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