Ergonomically designed for XC performance.

Ergonomically shaped to fit your head naturally and comfortably, with added protection on the back of the head.
Removable visor allows you to adapt your helmet for different riding conditions.

Stay cool and comfortable during your hardest efforts.

Crossmax SL Pro pad is shaped for maximum comfort with optimal cushioning and 37.5® technology to keep your head cool.
Live Fit technology delivers an adaptive fit and vibration absorption, keeping the helmet comfortably positioned at all times with the use of XRD foam. Superlight retention system offers optimal adjustability, comfort and head hold.

Added protection of MIPS.

MIPS technology is integrated with the design of the helmet to reduce rotational motion transferred to the brain from angled impacts to the head.

The perfect helmet for cross-country riding is one that’s fast, light and safe. One that feels like you’re not wearing a helmet at all, but delivers full protection if you need it. The Crossmax SL Pro MIPS features an integrated MIPS system for added protection. MIPS can reduce rotational motion that's transferred to the brain on angled impacts to the head, improving protection in the case of a crash. For comfort, the helmet has an ergonomic design and our patented Live Fit technology – XRD® foam construction that molds to your head shape to give you a precise fit. It’s bolstered by the Ergo Hold SL retention system, which allows you to fine-tune the fit with one hand, while the progressive double density foam of the Crossmax SL Pro Pad adds even more comfort. The visor is removable to suit different light conditions. Finally, Crossmax SL Pro features 37.5® technology on the padding, which uses active particles to attract humidity vapor and absorb heat from your head, wicking sweat away five times faster than traditional fabric. So you stay cool and dry, even on steep climbs and intense efforts.


  • 37.5® padding fabric
  • LIVEFIT with XRD® breathable memory foam
  • Ergo Hold SL 3-position Retention System

Product Details

  • Mavic Care 3 year warranty and crash replacement program
  • Delivered with visor plugs
  • Removable visor
  • Reflective highlights


  • EPS 4D impact protection
S: 51 - 56
M: 54 - 59
L: 57 - 61
S: 20 - 22
M: 21 ¼ - 23 ¼
L: 22 ½ - 24
Ergo Hold SL 3-position Retention System

Ergo Hold SL 3-position Retention System

A compact and lightweight system with optimal adjustability, comfort and head hold



MIPS technology can reduce rotational motion transferred to the brain from angled impacts to the head. Combined exclusively with our LIVEFIT system for a perfect fit.

LIVEFIT with XRD® breathable memory foam

LIVEFIT with XRD® breathable memory foam

A wide band of breathable memory foam that instantly adapts to your head for a perfect personal fit and improved vibration absorption

37.5® padding fabric

37.5® padding fabric

High-performance material with exceptional moisture management
- Active carbon particles attract humidity and absorb heat from the head, which wicks moisture away 5 times faster than standard polyester and improves breathability for maximum comfort

EPS 4D impact protection

EPS 4D impact protection

Unique EPS construction technology that can increase shock absorption by up to 30% compared to standard EPS construction

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