Stay dry

Features an exclusive fabric made from a blend of two yarns, which means fast wicking and a highly durable exterior
It is also treated with Coldblack® Technology, a highly-technical dye that reflects the sun’s rays to keep the fabric cool against the skin

Unparalleled performance and no numbness

New Ergo 3D Pro Insert is engineered on our Ergo 3D chamy platform with an Ortholite® multi-layer construction to keep weight down and offer maximum stretch in an aggressive riding position
A new extra light and wider elastic thigh construction gives just enough grip and a lightweight feel

Advanced construction meets elite-level standards

Wide-open strips on the back with soft silicone dots on a V-shaped construction ensure the bib shorts stay in wrinkle-free and perfectly contoured to the body
The pre-shaped pattern and ultra-sonic seams also reduce bulk in an aggressive riding position

We collaborated with world-class cyclists who regurlarly race in the heat to create high-performance bib shorts that excel in three key areas: breathability, comfort and weight saving.   Breathability comes from the Lycra®-based fabric that’s made from a blend of two yarns—fast-wicking inside and highly durable outside—and treated with Coldblack®, a highly-technical dye that reflects the sun’s rays to keep the fabric cool against the skin.  We’ve also re-thought the construction to improve comfort and reduce weight. Wide-open straps reduce compression and allow a more comfortable fit and breathability on the waist and abdominal areas. And ultra-sonic seams on the front allow maximum movement without creating excess fabric in sensitive areas. On the bottom of the leg, we’ve used our new generation of superlight elastic, which is specifically developed to have minimal volume, and an ideally calibrated stretch to secure the shorts firmly to the legs without applying unnecessary pressure.   And finally, our new Ergo 3D Ultimate insert with Ortholite® foam is a small masterpiece that has been specifically designed for ultra-long-distance racing. It provides a perfect fit, progressive cushioning against vibrations, and superior stability in an aggressive riding position. Offering the same fabric, fit and construction as the official Condor JLT Pro Bib Shorts, these shorts combine pared-back style with striking details and elite level performance.

Muscle Support


  • BODY: PA 72%, EL 28%
  • BOTTOM: PA 78%, EL 22%
  • INSERT: PA 66%, PES 20%, EL 14%


  • Inseam length: 28 cm/11 inches
  • Bonded low profile bib construction
  • Reflective highlights

Ergo ride

  • Ergo 3D Pro Insert
  • Extra light thigh construction grip


  • Superior moisture management and sun protective fabric
  • Supportive and durable fabric with Lycra Sport Power® technology



Product Details

  • Ortholite® memory foam


  • Flatlock seams
Size chart
Chest (in cm)
S: 88 - 92
M: 93 - 97
L: 98 - 102
XL: 103 - 108
XXL/2TG: 109 - 114
Waist (in cm)
S: 76 - 80
M: 81 - 84
L: 85 - 90
XL: 91 - 96
XXL/2TG: 97 - 102
Hip (in cm)
S: 90 -94
M: 95 - 98
L: 99 - 104
XL: 105 - 110
XXL/2TG: 111 - 116
Ergo Grip SL

Ergo Grip SL

Optimal lightweight support

Ultrasonic welding

Ultrasonic welding

Industrial technique whereby high-frequency ultrasonic acoustic vibrations are locally applied to fabric being held together under pressure to create a solid-state weld

Skin Power

Skin Power

Supportive and durable

Reptile Skin Matrix

Reptile Skin Matrix

Superior moisture management and sun protection

Ergo 3D Pro Insert

Ergo 3D Pro Insert

Super light-weight version of the 3D Ergo Insert engineered with Ortholite® for racers demanding maximum freedom and comfort



Sun reflector

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