Weather protection.

Clima Mavic construction on the front half of the shoe keeps your feet dry and protected against the elements.
Easy-to-clean upper prevents water absorption during the ride, and stays looking good for a long time.

Night and day visibility.

Reflective black and silver synthetic construction creates bright 360 visibility when illuminated, without sacrificing breathability.
Yellow highlights enhance visibility in low-light conditions.

Streamlined style.

Cosmic design lines give shoes a sharp, high-performance look.
Built with all our Mavic racing DNA.

The Cosmic Elite Vision is a fast, lightweight shoe for racers who often ride in the rain or dark. What makes it stand out in the rain is its Clima Mavic construction on the front half of the shoe, which keeps your feet protected and dry. And for low light conditions, it has a reflective black and silver construction with yellow highlights that provide bright visibility. And because it's a Cosmic shoe, you can count on it being super streamlined with sharp design lines that make you feel faster—and ride faster.


  • Shoe: 280 grams


  • Energy Carbon Comp Outsole


  • Mavic Ergo Dial QR
  • OrthoLite®
Energy Carbon Comp Outsole

Energy Carbon Comp Outsole

A light, stiff and thin outsole with carbon reinforcement and composite glass fibre and polyamide inserts



A high-quality insole designed to prolong comfort performance and reduce vibration

Mavic Ergo Dial QR

Mavic Ergo Dial QR

An easy and precise retention system developed by Mavic

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