Descend with more confidence and control

TgMax enhances braking modulation and shortens stopping distance
Rim cooling system rapidly dissipates heat, making the rim reliable and strong
Fore drilling produces a stronger, more reliable rim

Accelerate and ride faster with aerodynamic efficiency

40mm wind-tunnel optimized rim profile
Extralight carbon rims fitted with 190g Yksion Pro clincher tires

Make the most of your pedaling power

FTS-L freewheel system offers maximum power transfer efficiency
Fore drilling and QRM+ hub bearings with adjustable preload stay smooth over time
Powerlink rear tire offers optimal rolling efficiency

This carbon clincher is for riders who value versatility above all else. The 40mm deep rim profile delivers an aerodynamic advantage while being one of the lightest and strongest in its category. It excels on flats, rolling hills or mountain roads. To achieve this balance, we engineered a new carbon rim that weighs just 460g – superlight for its 40mm depth. We did it by using a superlight alloy insert on the rim bed that also acts as a cooling system. Braking efficiency has always been the weak point of carbon rims, but our exclusive TgMax technology uses a special brake track surface that shortens braking distances in wet conditions by 50% compared to our closest competitor. The spokes are securely attached to the rim using our unique Fore drilled inserts to avoid drilling on the rim. This keeps the rim strong and stiff. The hubs roll on smooth QRM+ bearings with an adjustable preload so they stay smooth over time. And the FTS-L freewheel system transfers power to the ground in the most efficient way possible. The front wheel comes with our Yksion Pro Griplink tire that offers great grip, especially in wet conditions, thanks to a water evacuation channel on the tread pattern. On the rear wheel the Yksion Pro Powerlink tire provides maximum rolling efficiency with a supple 127 TPI casing, soft nylon anti-puncture belt, and a tread pattern optimized for efficiency and speed in all conditions.


  • Tyre 700x23: 195 grams
  • Pair without tyre: 1545 grams
  • Front without tyre: 670 grams
  • Rear without tyre: 875 grams


  • Front and rear bodies: aluminum
  • Axle material: aluminum
  • Adjustable sealed cartridge bearings
  • Freewheel: FTS-L steel

Intended Use

  • For a longer longevity of the wheel, Mavic recommends that the total weight supported by the wheels don't exceed 120kg, bike included
  • ASTM CATEGORY 1 : road only
  • Max. Pressure: 23mm 8.7 bar - 125 psi
  • Recommended tyre sizes: 18 to 25 mm


  • Brake track: carbon with iTgMAX technology
  • Drilling: co-molded Fore drilled inserts
  • Material: 3K carbon fibers with aluminum cooling system
  • Brake track: carbon
  • Height: 40 mm
  • ETRTO size: 622x13C
  • Valve hole diameter: 6.5 mm
  • Tyre: clincher


  • Shape: straight pull, bladed, double butted
  • Material: steel
  • Nipples: Fore integrated aluminum
  • Lacing: radial front and rear non-drive side, crossed 2 rear drive side
  • Count: front 16, rear 20


  • Breaker: Front Kevlar, Rear polyamide
  • Yksion Pro GripLink (front) & PowerLink (rear)
  • Front and Rear Tread: Single Compound
  • Casing: 127 TPI
  • Dimension: 23-622 (700x23c)
Delivered with
  • Multifonction adjustment wrench
  • BR301 quick releases
  • Carbon brake pads
  • User guide


Grip and control
A front tyre, whether a clincher or a tubular, must fully liberate the wheel’s ability to hold the ground and control the bike. Therefore, GripLink tyres are optimized for front use, by offering a superior grip and extra puncture protection.



Qualité de Roulements Mavic +
Our most demanding level. Those cartridge bearings are of course double sealed with C3 internal clearance, and toped with a micro-adjustability system.



Low rolling resistance
A rear tyre, whether a clincher or a tubular, must fully liberate the wheel’s ability to transfer power and generate speed. Therefore, PowerLink tyres are optimized for rear wheel use, by minimizing the rolling resistance.



Force Transfer System Light
Reinforcement of key transmission components: the contact area between the pawl and the hub body is reinforced by 2 stainless steel inserts, which allows the use of a 100% aluminum hub body.



Maximum Glass Transition Temperature
TgMAX technology consists in laying up several types of high technology resins, then fixing them using a proprietary heat treatment process and an aluminum colling insert to achieve the highest possible resistance to braking heat.



Stiffer and stronger
Instead of being drilled, the lower rim bridge is pushed up on the inside, then threaded to enable the spoke nipples to be directly screwed in it, leaving the upper rim bridge intact.

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