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Fast and light

When a racer is looking for perfect versatility. The Mavic Fast & Light rim range is the perfect answer with the best blend of lightweight, high stiffness and great aerodynamics to deliver the highest possible efficiency.
Road and Triathlon

Aerodynamics and high performance

Road and Triathlon
CXP Elite

Aerodynamics meets durability

Road and Triathlon

Aerodynamic within everybody's reach


Endurance riders need proven reliability and toughness. But they also need speed. So high performance must be part of the equation. Mavic Endurance rims continue to bring those benefits, always pushing the envelope further.
Road and Triathlon
Open Pro T

Extremely light. The best Road race tubular rim on the market

Road and Triathlon
Open Pro C

The reference rim for high performance wheel building

Road and Triathlon
Open Elite

Mavic’s entry level classic rim

Road and Triathlon
A 719

A bombproof and high-endurance rim

Road and Triathlon
A 319

Mavic's mid level all road rim

Road and Triathlon
A 119

The best value for money on the all road market