As the only tubular rim available, Open Pro T gets all the experience of Mavic's decades of lightweight tubular rims engineering. It features all Mavic high end technologies: SUP, Maxtal, UB Control, CD…

Available Colours / Versions

  • Silver 36 holes
  • Silver 32 holes
  • CD 32 holes


  • 700C: 360 grams


  • Recommended tubular tyre widths: 20 to 22 mm
  • ETRTO size: 633 Tubular
  • Do not use any rim tape
  • Recommended nipple length: 12 mm
  • Valve hole diameter: 6.5 mm

Spoke bed diameter

  • Spoke bed diameter (ERD): 610 mm


  • Tubular
  • Maxtal
  • Low profile
  • Double Eyelet
  • CD
  • UB Control
  • SUP / Welded
  • Traditional drilling


Couche Dure
This process creates a micro surface hardness of the rim.



Light and strong
Exclusive to Mavic, this specific aluminum alloy offers a higher strength to weight ratio than conventional 6106 alloy.



Stronger and smoother joint
Soudé Usiné Process. After bending, the rim joint is arc welded. The welded seam is then milled for a smooth finish.

UB Control

UB Control

Usiné Brut Control
The braking surfaces are precisely CNC machined.

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