MTB helmets

9MTB helmets


For Cross country racer cyclists who want the lightest more ventilated helmet. Our Fast & Light helmets are designed to achieve the best in terms of long lasting fit, comfort, ventilation and climate control.
Sequence XC Pro Helmet W

This XC helmet is built for speed, engineered for ventilation, and designed for off-road style.

Crossride SL Elite Helmet

A lightweight performance helmet designed for comfortable cross-country riding.


Explore the mountains, push your limits with full trust in your equipment: that's the motto of the All-mountain family. Those tough and dynamic products are made to last and to offer an optimal comfort and protection.
Crossmax Pro Helmet

This all-mountain MTB helmet helps you push your limits with confidence and comfort.

Echappée Trail Pro Helmet W

This cool, comfortable trail riding helmet gives you the protection and confidence you need to tackle adventurous new routes.

XA Pro Helmet

This progressive trail helmet delivers maximum comfort and full protection for off-road shredding.

Crossride Helmet

This versatile trail-riding helmet offers durable off-road comfort for everyday riding.

This versatile trail-riding helmet offers durable off-road comfort and style for everyday riding.