Men's MTB bottoms

8Men's MTB bottoms

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These technical trail-riding shorts have a close fit for performance and rugged durability.

Road and Triathlon
Essential Baggy Short

This technical baggy short is made with stretchy, durable and lightweight fabrics. With lots of pockets and a stylish fit, it's the perfect all-rounder short for multiple cycling activities.

XA Pro Short

Made for fast trail riding, this short combines the close-fitting speed and performance of a Lycra short with the comfort of a baggy.

Road and Triathlon
Essential Seamless Undershort

This technical, trail-oriented seamless inner short offers optimal ventilation and comfort for both men and women.

Deemax Pro Under Short

This technical undershort, designed to pair with a Mavic trail-riding baggy, provides long-lasting comfort for all-day shredding.